Who We Are

HIS Ministry is a nondenominational teaching ministry that began when Florence Udell was asked to lead a home Bible Study in Aurora. The first meeting was held on June 8, 1970 with 9 people present. A year later we officially became HIS Ministry.

We believe in the power of God to change and transform lives as Jesus said in John 3:7 - "Ye must be born again." HIS Ministry is a teaching ministry to instruct and encourage individuals in their walk with the Lord - to make HIS way of life, YOUR way of life.

HIS is an extension of Christ's ministry here on earth, knowing that Jesus can heal the broken hearted, set free those who are captive to drugs and alcohol, heal wounded spirits and bodies. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives. Prayer is offered at the close of each service for the needs of the people.

HIS Ministry is God First, but people-centered. There are no formal memberships. We are a "church family" who loves, cares, and prays for each other.

Our desire is to honor and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ in our services, in our lives, and in all we do. God is holy, and we give to Him the reverence that is due His Holy Name.

The standards established by Florence Udell continue to be maintained by Pastor Jim Atkins.